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I go to prepare a place for you…that where I am, you may be also.

In the wake of the 2004 billion-dollar, box-office, phenomenon The Passion of the Christ, God has been inspiring Christian talent to discover and take their place in faith-based Hollywood as an evangelistic vehicle—to spread and demonstrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the secular community.

As the second generation descendant of Japanese cinema idol Keihachiro Toudou, Kathryn De Fries carries the “cinematic torch” to new generations…igniting a global transformation in the Arts & Entertainment industry. She desires to amalgamate her diverse experience and background to transform the Body of Christ from the conventional “4 walls church,” into a missional influence in every aspect of society.

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Universal Studios Japan Hollywood Historical Archives

Our assignment is to develop and advance Christian talent into opportunities of influence by offering the key components of “relationships.” Life comes down to love, trust, integrity, character, communication, passion, and who you know. We cultivate these qualities in our partners to help them launch…and land on their feet…in their calling to faith-based, New Holywood.

As God’s A-List alumni, your opportunities can multiply. Once training is complete, graduates are added to our base for upcoming television and film projects—in front and behind the camera. We offer a “fast pass” so you have a quality portfolio, and are strategically placed in key roles to advance His Kingdom in the Hollywood system.


Write the vision, make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.

Photo: Chris Gallo Hair/Makeup: Alexis Vogel

KATHRYN DE FRIES hails from the Great Northwest with professional and ministry experience exceeding 20 years. Her extensive background includes Church Leadership, Public Speaking, Prophetic Strategy, Ministry Equipping, and Prayer Movement to fivefold ministers and leaders.

Kathryn attended Portland Bible College for 3 years. She graduated from Wagner Leadership Institute with a Bachelor of Arts degree concentrating in Leadership and Practical Ministry. Kathryn also graduated from Senator Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute, Washington, D.C., in Political Technology emphasizing Campaign School, Grassroots Mobilization and Public Relations.

As the granddaughter of Japanese cinema idol Keihachiro Toudou, Kathryn carries the “cinematic torch” to new generations…igniting a global transformation in the Arts & Entertainment industry. She desires to amalgamate her diverse experience and background to transform the Body of Christ from the conventional “4 walls church,” into a missional influence in every aspect of society.

Currently, Kathryn is offering practical tools from the entertainment industry to aspiring talent in the faith-based, “New Holywood” on the rise. She develops God-given abilities to transition “the gifted” into their destinies.

Kathryn’s dream is twofold. First, establishing a non-profit organization in Hollywood. Second, mobilizing the next generations with the Portacle™ philosophy and mandate of Kingdom dynamics. This entails passion, integrity and trust—for societal infusion and transformation. Essentially, “Kingdom Economics,” doing business God’s way.


I made treasurers over the treasuries…they were counted faithful, and their office was to distribute unto their brethren
We are a US-based, film/industry networking, talent company. The following services and businesses will equip you to get to your next place. If you desire to utilize your talents to advance God’s kingdom, we’re your first stop in obtaining credibility and favor—to open the doors God has ordained.

Participants in our Classroom Intensive Training Workshops will be eligible for scouting and talent consultation evaluations for possible future employment and internships in our film production network.

Click here for our Classroom Intensive Training Workshops.


“We deliver systems that produce cultures of relational excellence marked by trust, passion, and character. Empowered by TEAM PORTACLE™.”

William D. Winship is the CEO of Portacle, and an architect of Safe Power. He is acclaimed for his 5-day, Relational Excellence Practical that pinpoints and eliminates dysfunction in business and people. Portacle provides a unique integrated approach, which incorporates Executive Coaching and Process Consulting, that’s measurable. Hence, the tagline, “Measured Success.”

A key skill-set that opens doors of opportunity is knowing how to negotiate. Most people don’t make or execute a “practical plan” to get noticed or to advance in the Arts & Entertainment industry. We offer special tools for team-building and negotiation for win/win situations. This is necessary for the ongoing success of aspiring filmmakers, production teams, directors, producers, actors, and writers.


God’s A-List is partnered with AMTC to help you advance to their “front line” of talent scouts and agencies

AMTC realizes that no life goes untouched by media. Film, fashion, music and theater influence us like never before. Their “stars” have become the standard-bearers for our children. An average teen spends 75 hours a week in media which escalates to over 60,000 hours by the age of 17.

At AMTC, we believe God has allowed such a time as this. Earth’s stage is set. Jesus the King is coming! Actors, models and talent for Christ are called to prepare the way for the return of the Lord. To clear up misunderstandings about who Jesus really is…and His unconditional love for us.

Creative Ways Movie Excellence

Creating high production value films with a pulse on edge, depth and the realities of life

Chief Media Officer of Creative Ways Movie Excellence and IMDB Screenwriter William Honor Panko offers networking opportunities for filmmakers, screenwriters, feature development, pre-mid-and-post production, special effects, lighting, lead-supporting-and-character actors, and hands-on training (on-campus).

Opportunities to build and expand your portfolio as a professional artist. For more information, email William at

Immersive Cinema Technologies

Professional, Award-Winning Filmmaker’s Perspective

Mark Andrew Job is an award-winning filmmaker from Montreal. At 19, Mark won The Award of Merit from the Prestigious Montreal Moviemakers Association Film Club sponsored by The National Film Board of Canada for his film “Away in a Garden: A Fantasy.” After obtaining a College Arts Degree as an honor student from John Abbott College in 1984, Mark worked as a video editor and producer for Telecable Videotron 9 TV in Vaudreuil, Quebec. In 1987, Mark was one of 3 production camera operators on the CTV Weekday sitcom, “Time of Your Life,” for TV producer Harry Jacobs in Montreal.

In 1990, Mark began to hone his skills at writing screenplays while working as a Projectionist during the evenings at the Rex Theatre in St. Anne de Bellevue, Quebec. Mark ran a used motion picture equipment business in the early to mid 1990’s. Mark came into contact with prominent American filmmakers who purchased equipment from his company. In 1998, Mark opened Immersive Cinema Technologies, offering film and television post-production and editing services…and continues to master his craft to this day.

As a professional with expert experience in web-based, multimedia and digital cinema, Mark is an ongoing contributing writer for RED SHARK NEWS, one of the top three premier, online, digital cinema technology magazines in the world.

AEA, SAG-AFTRA & Professional Actor’s Perspective

Industry-savvy wisdom from Greg Allen Johnson

Stay grounded with 20 plus years of industry-savvy wisdom from Greg Allen Johnson. Born and raised in Geneseo, Illinois, Greg fondly remembers being 6 years-old, and putting on impromptu puppet shows for all who watched and listened.

Greg majored in theatre at the University of Illinois, then studied at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. Moving to Hollywood in 1991, Greg has acted in many productions that require quick wit and charm. He has appeared in recurring roles on Conan O’Brien, Late Night with Adam Corolla, General Hospital, Scrubs, The King of Queens, Las Vegas, and Night Court…just to name a few.

On stage, he appeared in San Francisco’s longest-running, comedy-murder mystery, “Bar None,” as well as performing in “Room Service,” at the Laguna Playhouse. Presently, Greg is an active, voting member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Gandelman Dance Studio

Internationally-acclaimed, award-winning, dance instruction

Internationally-acclaimed, award-winning, dance instructor Glen Gandelman offers world-class coaching for graduates of God’s A-List. Among his many credits include dance coach for actor John Goodman, actress Anne Heche and all choreography featured in the film “Kingfish: A Story of Huey P. Long.” Glen’s beginner’s Zouk dance class is featured here.

Chris Gallo Photography

Our photographer is among the best in the industry

High quality headshots and a portfolio are essential to talent scouts and casting directors. Our photographer is among the best in the entertainment industry. Having the right look is key, so we offer our best to help get you noticed. Chris Gallo Photography

Services & Imaging

Your first stop in obtaining credibility and favor

If you desire to utilize your talents to advance God’s kingdom, we’re your first stop in obtaining credibility and favor—to open the doors God has ordained. We offer the following services to help you advance in achieving your goals and dreams.

• Facial and body analysis

• Makeovers for marketability in arts, entertainment and business

• Talent analysis and recommendations to increase your credibility and maximize your potential

• Strategic talent consulting and tools for a successful launch to the place God is preparing for you


Give, and it shall be given unto you…

When a business, church, ministry or person donates to God’s A-List, they provide talented and deserving performers, filmmakers, and production people with opportunities, special projects, and much more. Believing in sponsorships, we accept partial and full scholarships on behalf of God’s up-and-coming artists.

God’s A-List is strategically partnered with The Glory of God of the World, a non-for-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Disclosure Statement: In order to be tax deductible as a charitable donation, gifts must be made with the understanding that God’s A-List controls 100% of the funds contributed. God’s A-List will do its best to honor requests to donate to a specific performer. However, we cannot guarantee the granting of any requests. Additionally, direct benefit donations do not qualify as a charitable donation per IRS guidelines. For all tax matters, God’s A-List recommends consulting with a tax professional.


Our sponsorship opportunities can build your brand and impact the lives of future actors and filmmakers.

Click here for our God’s A-List Sponsorship Information Packages.


We invite you to become a sponsor of our Classroom Intensive Training Workshops.

Click here for our Classroom Intensive Training Workshops.


He calls his sheep by name, and leads them out

Photo: Chris Gallo Hair/Makeup: Alexis Vogel

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Kathryn De Fries

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